Here’s the Ultimate List of Work From Home Resources

For many people, sitting on the veranda comfortably while sipping on a cup of coffee and working is the ideal dream. However, 2020 made this all come true. We are living in a digital age where remote working has become the new normal. Work from home has always been there, but soon after the pandemic hit us, we understood that this culture doesn’t only let you work comfortably, but it also allows you to become more productive.

Now that employers have also understood the importance of remote working, we thought of introducing the work from home resources, which you ought to have. However, before we jump into the work from resources, here are some eye-opening statistics.

  • Around 75% of remote workers mentioned that they find work from an environment free from disruptions, which lead to enhanced productivity.
  • 73% of the employees said that they prefer working outside their working hours because that’s when they are most productive.
  • 40% of the employees said that they could take significant amount of workloads when they work from home, which means that they are perfectly fine being flexible.

These statistics will tell you that work from home is indeed beneficial. Now, knowing that WFM is beneficial for both employers and employees, you need to know about the best work from home resources that you need to have to keep your work and business running.

What is work from home resources?

When we say work from home resources, we are aiming at the different software and tools that allow you to work better. Now, these tools and software can be related to networking and communication systems, such as project management systems, cloud storage, messaging tools, video chat applications, and so on.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the tools you choose to work with must be integrated well with one another for easy access. Even though you are working from home, you need to contact other team members in terms of data and other crucial things, which means that everyone would like to access essential data shared by you or others.

So, without further ado, let’s share the top work from home resources that are important for you and every WFH professionals.

For Meeting Scheduling

For any organizations, meetings are essential. Through meetings, you get to know what your team is doing. However, scheduling meeting can become quite challenging without the right meeting tools. Apart from this, you would also like to have everyone available at the same time because otherwise, you will end up conducting thousands of individual meetings in the month. But meeting scheduling software is here to solve the issues.

  • Soapbox

One of the best meeting software to go for is Soapbox. This is an agenda tool, specially designed for team and one-on-one meetings. It acts as a central place for everyone where they can collaborate, take notes, share propositions, share feedback, and also assign next steps. You can access a robust library of agenda templates, you can have meaningful conversations, and it also provides you with AI-powered meeting insights.

  • 10to8 Meeting Scheduling Software

Another powerful meeting software is 10to8 Meeting Scheduling Software. It allows you to arrange recurring meetings such as weekly team meeting or daily stand-ups. It features ad-hoc phone calls as well. 10to8 can easily manage team members who are working from different time zones. One of the best features that you will like is their video call feature. You can easily integrate Exchange, Outlook, iCal, and Google.

For Call and Video Chats

Apart from meeting schedule tools, another vital software or tool that you will need is call and video chats. With regular face-time, your employees stay in the loop, they stay alert, and it is also suitable for employee retention. The good thing about video chats is that it creates the illusion of a regular meeting. Soon after the pandemic hit us all, we started feeling secluded and isolated, but through video chats, that isolation feeling can be virtually eliminated.

  • Microsoft Team

Microsoft Team is the best tool to have if you are looking for top work from home resources. It lets you jumpstart a video meeting, chat, collaborate with team members and also call a co-worker whenever you want. MS Team is reliable, and it has all the feature of any video call tool. You can share your screen if you like and even share files. It allows you to integrate apps and have a virtual background. The new feature that is getting rolled out by Team is the “Together Mode”. This will enable everyone in the team to work together, no matter where they are. As you can expect, Microsoft strives for compliance and security. Your meetings and video chats will be safeguarded.

  • Zoom

When we talk about video chats and a face-to-face meeting, it won’t be fair to leave behind Zoom. Zoom lets you video call your team members whenever you want, and it also allows you to share your screen so that both you and the attendee of the meeting can see what you are up to. Not just for one-on-one meetings, Zoom lets you host more significant team meeting and webinars as well. For better team collaboration, you can set up Zoom rooms. Zoom is trying to create a professional space for working professionals so that they don’t miss out on their physical space. Another option that you will like is their recording feature.

For Document Management and Cloud Storage

Gone are the days when you used to pass on information, document, and data via email or USB stick. Relying on emails and physical storage have their own disadvantages. Your physical storage can be misplaced, while emails can become a victim of phishing attacks. This is when cloud storage makes sense. It streamlines collaboration of teams, and you get to assess it and give others access to take a look into the information and data whenever they want.

  • Google Drive

If you are someone who deals with a lot of data and information, you got to have Google Drive. Google Drive, let’s you create and share sheets, docs, images, and more. You can restrict users from editing or commenting. Else, if you want, you can give everyone the access to modify the content available on the document. With the help of Google Drive, you will never have to worry about losing your data.

  • Xtensio

Another document management tool that we really like is Xtensio. It lets you create internal how-to manual, guides, sales decks, onboarding templates, and much more. You can easily collaborate on all the documents that you upload on Xtensio.  You can navigate the tool without any fuss and

Contact Intuition Consultancies for Work From Home Resources

These are just some tools and software that you can get. However, if you need more potent and robust work from home resources, such as VDI and RDS, and more, you can always contact Intuition Consultancies for the same.

Tell us about your requirements, and we will suggest and help you have the best work from home resources that will allow you to become productive and efficient.