Why Email Security Is Important Now Than Ever!

As AI matures, technology will start to grow. Having said that, the new need is being emphasized on AI-based email security. As AI technology gets enhanced, cybercriminals are also coming up with new ways to break into your system. Predictive AI-based email security thus plays an important role. With even the most advanced business emails getting comprised of phishing attacks and scams, the only thing that can protect essential emails of any business is AI-based email security.

As per the FBI, last year, around $1.2 billion lost its business because of targeted email attacks. And approximately 30% of all email attacks are actually launched by highjacked email accounts, which belong to trusted partners, employees, and even suppliers.

Because of this unrelenting assault, more and more company owners are showing interest in AI-based email security. Attacks are becoming dangerous and more inventive with dynamically-generated malware variants, and there has to be something to protect your emails from such vicious attacks.

The unfortunate thing is that even these devastating attacks are getting employed through as simple as plain-text email messages. These are so well-designed that with a push of a button, you could lose all your login credentials, leading to devastating results. With the augmentation of AI-based email security, you could be saved from all this.

Here are some of the reasons why you should trust AI-based email security

Faster Updates and Deployment

Since this is AI-based email security, you don’t need to worry about migration and deployment of any kind of software. The company that you will be hiring will take care of everything. In most cases, the process is relatively very simple and can be integrated within an hour or even less. The first step is to get in touch with the AI-based email security provider who will do the deployment and migration process. Once done, the company will transfer every configuration from your present email security gateway to their cloud solution. Step two will involve cutting over the traffic and MX records and taking them to the new solution. And that’s about it.

You should get in touch with an AI-based email security provider because they will regularly send updates. These updates are necessary because they provide you with a robust protection update. Because there will be a provider of these updates, you don’t have to wait for them to arrive. They will be sent out to you almost immediately. No time will be lapsed before ensuring that your emails are entirely restored and protected.

Re-Focus IT Resources

IT resources are usually stretched and scarce. This is especially true when it comes to medium to small size companies. These companies often lack dedicated IT departments and security staff leading to email attacks. AI-based email security will come along with no hardware and very little maintenance to do. This is what frees your IT team. AI-based email security is much easier to take care of. And it comes along with a good customization solution, which ensures that your emails are well protected and secured. On top of all this, you will not have to worry about having a specialized team to look after your email security. The service provider will take care of everything.

With AI-based email security, you will get to focus on your business better. The company will do threat analysis and security forensics. This will let you stay proactive and create a tight cocoon for your email users and environment.

There Are No Hidden Costs

You don’t have to worry about going out of your budget to get AI-based email security. And neither is there any kind of investment. There is nothing to download and nothing to maintain. The AI-based email security service provider will offer you a transparent cost and won’t have any hidden cost policy. You get charged for only the service that you take, and that’s about it. You, as a business owner, will know precisely what you are paying for. This way, you can take care of your budget. This can be exceptionally beneficial for small and medium-scale businesses who don’t have enough funds but still want to protect their emails from threats and malware attacks.

Scalable Solution

We are living in a digital age, and our workplace receives and sends tons of emails almost every day. Some send individual emails, while others make use of marketing and automated technologies to send these emails. A small business will soon grow, and that’s why you need AI-based email security that will grow along with your business. This means that as your business grows, you will have to add new users soon. With robust AI-based email security, you will quickly get to add new users whenever you need to.

Advanced Email Security Features

AI-based email security comes along with bespoke features, such as compliance. Some organizations, such as the legal, finance, and healthcare industry, have to adhere to regulatory and government requirements about sharing and storing sensitive data. AI-based email security can help you with securing messaging and compliant archiving with email encryption. This way, organizations will get to stay compliant.

The next feature is a defence and protection layer that gets added to protect your emails from malware and threats. Ai-based email security will provide you with a secure sandbox environment, which means any suspicious attachments received will be analyzed even before you receive them.

Contact Intuition Consultancies with AI-Based Email Security

Intuition Consultancies understand the need for robust email security. That’s we offer AI-based email security, which will address growing threats. Not just this, our AI-based email security will target phishing attacks as well. Most of the threatening emails you receive look sophisticated, so it becomes even more challenging to understand which ones are fake and which ones are real. AI-based email security will help locate which emails are threats before you even receive them. The best way to protect your emails is by getting in touch with Intuition Consultancies for our AI-based email security service because we have a solution for you. To know more, don’t hesitate to give us a call.