Why is cybersecurity vital for your business?

Technology has become an integral part of every workplace. Starting from financial transactions to email correspondence, collaborative work documents, to professional networking, every company relies on technology to stay connected. However, if the same lines of communications get threatened, the effects can be quite disastrous.

Cybersecurity is not only crucial for big businesses, but for every business, be it small, medium, or big. Cybersecurity attacks happen to medium and small companies as well. Despite the looming danger, around 14% of small businesses pay attention to their cybersecurity. This clearly signifies that there are many businesses that are still vulnerable.

As more and more business activities happen online, which includes reaching out to customers, finding new markets, selling, advertising, communication, recruiting staff, and more, you must make sure that no one is trying to steal money and information of your business because these things will disrupt your businesses.

What aspects can be directly under attack?

Some of the primary aspects of your business, such as information base, customer data, IT-based services, and IT equipment they can come under cyber-attack. Information such as financial details. Customer databases, client lists, and customers’ financial information; can also come under attack. Your pricing information, manufacturing processes, product designs, even these can come under attack at any time.

Data Leak Protection

Cybersecurity can help you protect your data. Data leaks can be damaging to businesses. All businesses store data, starting from employee data to customer insight. Information is most sensitive, and if it comes under attack, it will affect your business direly.

The number one benefit of investing in good cybersecurity is protecting your data from cyber-attacks. Cybersecurity can limit the number of personal information you should make available in the public domain.

Other ways to minimize the risk of exposing the data is by setting up a ‘burner email.’ Burner email is nothing but a dummy email, which can be used to register on different sites. This way, you won’t have to share your company’s email address.

Ransomware Protection

The second most significant threat for any business is ransomware. It is malware and encrypts data, which can be unlocked when you pay a hefty fee. Data that you have saved in your computer can come under a ransomware attack, along with data, which you have saved using some cloud services.

There are many companies who opt for cloud services to store their data, and people often think that cloud storage is protected and safer than a computer’s hard drive. However, hackers are smarter these days, and they can attack anything and everything.

Cybersecurity can help your business stay away from ransomware threats.

Get Cybersecurity Training

Employees are the backbone of any company, and they are the main link to the security line. As per a study conducted by Ponemon Institute, 2 out of 3 cybersecurity incidents take place because of employee negligence.

One of the main advantages, why you should partner with good cybersecurity is that the firm will train employees about the necessity of cybersecurity. The training will be based on all the latest trends, meaning you will know which ones work, and which ones have become outdated.  Not just this, the employees will also become familiar with the current and prevailing cyber threats.

A Dedicated Security Team

When you hire a cybersecurity company, you get to work with a dedicated team who will not only train your IT staff but will protect you from IT threats as well. You don’t need to worry about the overhead expenses. You know that you have a dedicated team who will keep an eye on everything all the time. The best part about having a dedicated security team is that they work for you 24 x 7. The team that you will work for you will be familiar with the diversified security landscape. They know about the latest cyber trends that will help your company stay away from all kinds of threats.

Bespoke Security Solutions

This shouldn’t come as a surprise because having cybersecurity means investing in bespoke and robust security solutions that will help you keep your enterprise safe and secure. The good thing about cybersecurity providers is that they can customize their service as per an enterprise’s requirements and needs.

The cybersecurity provider will provide you with state-of-art technologies and SOCs so that it can monitor, manage, and also support you 24 x 7.


A lot of enterprises don’t think about hiring a cybersecurity company mainly because of money reasons. However, cybersecurity providers don’t charge you over the board, and they address all the evolving threats. Threats can ultimately become extremely expensive if you don’t find ways to tackle them. Losing tons of money because of a cyber threat is better than investing some money in the service.

All your present-day cybersecurity tools and programs will cost you additionally, which overall become a lot more expensive than simply hiring a cybersecurity company. Once you partner with a cybersecurity provider, you will get to save a lot of time and money and won’t have to compromise your security as well.

Focus on Business

With a cybersecurity service provider working for your company, you will better focus on the core business. You know that no matter what threats lurk outside, your robust cybersecurity will keep your data, enterprise, money, its reputation all intact. As cybersecurity attacks are becoming more and more advanced, you need something that will always be ready to tackle these threats. Cybersecurity companies keep working for your company 24 x 7 so that you get to run your business operations smoothly.

Contact Intuition Consultancies to Enhance your Cybersecurity

Collaborating with a cybersecurity company, such as Intuition Consultancies makes sense if you want your enterprise to stay safe from cyber-attacks. Cyber-attacks get enhanced every year, and you never know who might attack you and when. Foster a better secure, and safe working environment for everyone, which will eventually lead to your business growth.

Focus on your business, think about ways to generate more revenues, and let the cybersecurity company take away all your worries. Intuition Consultancies is a cost-effective cybersecurity service provider. We can help you have a better cybersecurity so that you get to work with a peace of mind knowing that your enterprise data is fully secured and safe.